Pesach Cleaning Tips

Take care of your Appliances and they will Take take care of you

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

You're dryer needs to breath: We can't over-emphasize the importance of venting dryers. Dryers emit hot, dusty air. Without proper venting that hot dusty air gets blown into your room and sucked up by the working parts of your dryer, clogging the motor and drying out belts and rollers, etc. As well, a proper, solid metal pipe will allow proper air flow, less lint accumulation in the pipe, allow the dryer to get to it's proper heat.

Your washer is thirsty: If you're washer cycle is getting longer check the filters on the hoses. Clogged filters mean that the machine is taking longer to fill up, delaying the cycle. Normally you will find filters at the connection of the hose to the faucet, and at the entrance to the electric water valve.

Broil your food not your oven controls: Although many of us grew up with ovens that recommended broiling with the oven door open, most modern manufacturers recommend broiling only with the door closed. On some ovens, such as the Dacor, for instance, broiling with the door open will often necessitate a service call to reset the safety thermostat that protects the electronics

Straw broke the camel's back: Don't overload your appliances. Washers will clean better and dryers will dry quicker if they aren't overloaded. As well, overloading will cause excessive wear on the appliances, causing transmission failure and shortening the life of other parts.

Don't ignore the siren: A strange noise is often just a warning sign, enabling you to repair faults while they're still relatively minor. For example, a squeaky brake on an old Maytag washer can be rectified with a little bit of oil if done on time. If you wait too long, the brake package might have to be replaced ($$$).

Pesach Cleaning Tips: Pesach is an ideal time to do some routine maintenance on your appliances. But keep in mind - cleaning with excessive amounts of water can damage your appliances. You're best off with a damp cloth and non-abrasive cleanser. USE, DON'T ABUSE. Fridge: Clean the condenser coils (usually located underneath or behind the fridge), either with a vacuum or a special condenser brush. Washer: Clean the water inlet filters. Clean the lint filter if the machine has one. Clean the build-up inside the machine by running a load with a vinegar solution Dryer: Clean the vent pipe. If the vent pipe is falling apart, now is the ideal to replace it. If you can, clean out lint build-up inside the dryer with a vacuum Stove: Remember, stoves are very often complicated electronic mechanisms. Excessive water can damage the electronics. As well, parts such as burners, etc were not designed to sit in water and corrosion can result

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Pesach Cleaning Tips

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